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путевка в санаторий Кубань отдых в санатории Кубани Анапа море Кубань
Анапа санаторий Кубань Анапа набережная
Анапа отдых в Кубани
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Sanatorium Kuban

Comfort, plenty much of comfort, comfort in bright and comfort sense that is to reserve the idea and idea to serve You. To realize it you ought to have a traffic ticket making a single whole of your dreams and you. we call this ticket sanicard, a permit to Kuban -Land rich in its superiority. Land of seas and highlands,steppes woods, fertile pastures and cultivated vineyards, land of songs and rich history, land varied in culture and land of Godess women's beauty Kuban had been featuring all times through. Sanatorium "Kuban" continues by the way another tradition-tradition of hospitality and openness, everness and growing perfection in providing comfortable rest and success in treatment. You got many grounds to that and you will have them doubled when visiting our sanatorium yourself. Kuban river flows far and spreads wide very much like her namesake sani "Kuban" which is whirling with kids voices , glimmering with gracy ladies bonnets every day when summer comes, but in winter too "Kuban" river isn't ice viced, and the same children's voices are trembling and the same ladies embellish it with their winter garment. Cause from inside out it is as ever warm, hospitable, greeting and cheering. "Kuban" 's waiting for you and thinking of you!

Anapa is a pearl of Russia. In the very center of it ,just at the spot golden beaches start stretching their sandy contours a modern nine-storied building of sanatorium "Kuban" is highrising. You feel it cozy in the fashionable "all accommodations "double rooms: phone , fridge, conditioner and TV . Natural comfort is accompanied with world-class services. Conference-hall specially designated for holding seminars and business meetings forms a good ensemble to the whole interior.

Up-dated medical base - is a secret of your fit being at our place. Here we cure successfully diseases of digestive organs, respiratory system of non-tuberculosis character, nervous system and locomotorium as well as gynecological and dermal maladies. The cabinet of functional and ultrasonic diagnostics is equipped with the samples of foreign hi-tech units. You will undergo course of mudtherapy and physiotherapeutic treating methods: hydropathy, thermotherapy(saunas). Ever at your disposal cabinets for intestinal procedures, inhalations, magnetic - laser therapy, manual and mechanic massage. The traumas and injuries complications are curable within the help of computer-aided device "Biodex"(USA), sole specimen of the kind in the Russia's South. You can choose between the hall for therapeutic exercises or workouts in training gym linked together. "Kuban's" pride - "Capsule of healthy environment"(with 8 activated types of patient care giving, among them are : minisauna, aromatherapy, vibro-massage and alike ). There's a Halo-chamber that restores the conditions of saltpan mines and use them for healing broncho-pulmonary pathology . Dental treatment department is equipped in line with the latest technological achievements in the field. Such eyes diseases as: myopia, amblyopia, astigmatism are treated by apparatus complex "Amblyocor". A room for psychological relax will enrich small and adult patients with positive intention targeting their further and total rehabilitation . Your health will be care of the specialists: therapists, pediatrists, neuropathologists, gynecologists, ophthalmologists, gastroenterologist, otalaryngologists, dermatologists, psycotherapists. You should surely visit our solarium that provides you back home with smooth sun-tan even amidst the summer season. Italian styled and applied cosmetic saloon "Diana" awaiting for graceful ladies to help them vivid and ennoble their natural beauty.

Don't miss the chance enjoying yourselves with varying roundabout tours and excursions when you're free of your treatment plan.

Cure up and have a nice rest with us!