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Restaurant Flamingo

List of specialities | Pastime


  • Salad "Flamingo". Flamingo restaurant Kuban
  • Salad "Maraboo".
  • Salat "Pharaon".
  • Salad "Sphinx".
  • Salad "Ethiopian".
  • Salad "Last hero".
  • Salad "African evening".
  • Pancakes with cheese and shrimps.
  • Joullien with shrimps.
  • Roasted chicken stuffed with mushrooms.
  • Chop from rapan.
  • Seafood stew.
  • Plaice stewed with vegetables.
  • Cold dish and snack. 55 items (seafood, fish dish, meat and vegetable salads).
  • Hot snack, 15 items.
  • Soups. 12 items.
  • Hot dish. 38 items.
  • Dish from sturgeon, plaice, zander, squids, salmon, trout, sea tongue, frog legs, goatfish, beef, tongue, pork, poultry, veal liver.
  • Desserts.
  • Salad-cocktail "Port-Said".
  • Dessert "Exotic palette".
  • Fruit salads, creams with berries, pancakes with fruits, ice-cream "Flamingo", "Berry mix", "Cream Charlotte", "Zimbaba", "Africanman joy", icecream with chocolate, woods, syrup, jam.
  • Hot drinks: coffee "Shaman Dreams", coffee "Afrika".
  • natural juices, mineral water, tonic, pepsi, beer inassortment.

Wide assortment of spirits homemade and from abroad.
Sigarettes and cigars.
Abundance of strong cocktails.

Soothing atmosphere of restaurant helps you escape from temporal mess. Flamingo will retain in your memory with bright concerts, disco-parties and striptease-show. Dance group of the restaurant can revitalize any melanholic :)