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Health at any age

There are thousands of diseases,
and only one health.



You can undergo comprehensive treatment using one of the most effective methods of organism purigation through intestines by means of newliest appliance of monitory cleansing "AMOK".

It is proved by current researches that 70-90 % of oncologic diseases are caused with slag clogged colon.

Timely complex of curing and prophylactic methods relieves organism of slag, reduces much of cholesterine in blood, makes lose the overweight without special diet, removing face swelling, outcoming of radionuclides, heavy metals, activates significantly general condition, skin regenerating making it more flexible and elastic.

Indications for making monitory cleansing of intestine:

  • prophylaxy of digestive tructs, atherosclerosis, cardio-vascular disfunctions;
  • acute and chronic diseases of allergic nature;
  • alcholic,narcotic,medication and other kind poisoning;
  • chronic colitis,constipation,disorders in liver and bile functions;
  • within preoperation period on oncologic and cargiologic patients;

The treatment includes diagnostics, monitory stomach cleansing using phytosolutions, physician watch during all course of treatment, doctors' consultations,hydropathy procedures, medic massage.

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