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Healing mud


Sanative program for psoriasis affected patients

Medical and diagnostical base of sanatorium "Kuban", natural and climat factors of Anapa resort are good provisions for highly effective rehabilitation of psoriasis patients .

Out of many years experience in curing the malady was developed a method of rehabilitation using climat procedures, balneoand fangotherapy, diet nutrition and herbal remedies, modern physiotherapeutic procedures, medication correction.

Anapa silt mud has a marked healing effect, it is often proscribed in the form of local applications against spreaded rash, well known applications of hte kind are "trousers", "skirt", "pants".

Iodine-bromide baths and saunas will add effective contribution to your healing program.

"Kuban" sanatorium is unique for using general magnet therapy for curing psoriasis with state-of-the-art device "Magnitor INT".

Endoecologic organism purification with colon cleansing device "Toxigen BSC-UV" of Dotolo corp. will ensure your fitness control.

Zone ultrasonic radiation in erythema dosage allows your getting well.

Skillful using of all the set of resort advantages, newest medical achievements in medical treatment, special protective routine, healthy nutrition are by our hands for success in clinical recovery and rehabilitation in majority of cases and also preserve occurence of any recurrents

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